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We had a chance to visit Libya before the revolution

At the time we found Libya to be a beautiful place with friendly people, but couldn’t help noticing the numerous posters of their narcissistic leader Qaddafi, which stared from all corners throughout the country.


It was like a desperate attempt by him to constantly remind the citizens of his presence… yet this same attitude is one which most dictators share with each other.

Despite their oppression, the beauty of their country and the boldness of its citizens can never be taken away!… (Are you listening SYRIA??)

Anyway, we wanted to introduce to you, a side of Libya that is rarely seen these days in the mainstream press…

We wanted to bring back a focus on its BEAUTY, and how we are finding inspiration through these stunning images created by photographer Bashar Shglila.

Hope you enjoy it…

May it inspires you to visit there one day and check out the beauty of the land and its people for yourself!






Source: African Digital Art


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