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Moroccans have harvested the precious oil of the Argan tree for centuries, bringing prosperity to the rural Berber people. But now the insatiable global demand for the oil is threatening this “tree of life”.

The  Argan tree not only sustains the local people of South-West Morocco, it is also key to the local ecosystem.

But its miracle oil, known as “liquid gold“, is now a must-have for Western cosmetics and the booming demand is destroying the forest.

Without that tree, the whole population will migrate to the cities to find work.

With no simple solution in sight, the scramble for profit poses a bleak future for an ancient way of life.


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  1. 01/05/2012 03:13

    Thanks for the video. We have some argan oil conditionerl at home. We chose it because we didn’t want something with a lot of petrochemicals in it. Had no idea that the high global demand is so damaging to the trees and the ecosystem. I wish there was a way to support the local co-ops in a sustainable fashion rather than to fuel the short term profit craze.

  2. 01/05/2012 11:55

    Scrambler Isaac,
    Thanks for your comments!…
    We would suggest you should maybe think about possibly starting a small business on the side, where you work directly with the Argan suppliers to make sure that the products you source are from a sustainable fashion.

    We each have the power to make a difference in this world…

    You can see there is a high demand for this product, so maybe think about it & start emailing those suppliers to see what can happen?!?

    Another route is to vote with your money by buying only from those who source Argan oil in a sustainable fashion or just spread the word to get others more aware of the problem.

    Hope this helps!…

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