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Check out this cool selection of images taken throughout the state of California.

Misha, about to dip in. Huntington Beach.

2 guys waiting for their hot dog order, Venice Beach, California.

Misha Arias, surf shaper and surfer.  Photographed in Huntington Beach, California.

Skater in downtown L.A. Really didn’t care about skating in traffic.

The UPS guy right before the delivery outside a house in Santa Barbara, California.

Man just outside of Wallgreens, he told us about when he was acting in western movies. Downtown L.A.

While walking to the Farmers Market. We met these 2 boys at the bus stop. Hollywood, California.

Guy with wrecked car. His name is Crocky. Photographed on the side of the road in Santa Barbara.

Bill Robbins, photographed at his office in Santa Barbara.

L – Random Skater at the Santa Barbara skate park, right by the main peer.

R – Surfer in Huntington Beach. This man was sad his son couldn’t go in the water that day because of a small injury.


Source: Mattia Balsamini



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