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Born to be a woman by choice” is a portrait series of ladyboys in Thailand who come from all social classes and ages.

Their existence is in total contrast to the often uptight and prude way we are taught in the Western World, where being transgender is almost a taboo and is seen as amoral and unacceptable to society.

(*Warning: NSFW!!!)

The image of ladyboys in the Western World is not always positive due to Thailand‘s high profile sex industry.

This photographic series by Dutch photographer Marcus Koppen goes behind the façade the masks and winks, and into the everyday lives of these girls.

Capturing their essence, joys and pain beyond the myths.

Their bodies tell of their physical and emotional struggle to change.

To realize what they have always dreamt of: most with the desire to look like the glamorous international supermodels or famous movie stars.

It’s about capturing an intense personal struggle.

Behind the ladyboys‘s dreams are fundamental human issues that touch upon identity, body, beauty, sexuality, race and the longing to be accepted.

Life has so many layers, and this walk on this earth is different for many people.

Here at Scrambler we respect all communities and realise we are all one human family.


Source: Marcus Koppen


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