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You’re carrying it in your backpack, not mine!…

Want to go camping, but afraid of bugs, snakes, or bears?… Pitch your tent in the air, above the forest floor and away from critters and potential predators, with Tentsile, “the world’s most versatile tent.

The portable tent-hammock hybrid can be used in nearly any environment, anchored to trees in the heart of a forest, hovering over shifting beach sands, pitched above the plains for a brief respite on a safari, or even suspended over disaster and flood zones.

Handmade in the UK , the tents are fire retardant as well as UV and water resistant. Tentsiles are available in a variety of colors and in three sizes, each one with its own special features ranging from a cozy two-person with a covered porch, a roomier three-to-four person with built-in windows, and a huge five-to-eight person with a central gathering space that may prove better than a dingy room in any hostel!


Source: Architizer


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