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Marx Reloaded” is a cultural documentary that uses some of the central ideas of 19th century German socialist and philosopher Karl Marx to try to make sense of the global financial crisis of 200809.

This crisis prompted the US government to spend more than $1 trillion in order to rescue its banking system from financial meltdown. But can the largest financial losses in history really be put down to the natural risks and uncertainties of the free market?.. or is there another explanation as to why the crisis happened and what its implications are for the future of our society, our economy – for our whole way of life?

In the early months of 2008 a huge event began to rock the global financial system to its foundations. Billions of dollars were wiped off share prices and commercial banks throughout the world began to collapse like a pack of cards. As the global economy entered the deepest recession for 70 years the message from the mainstream media was simple: this was an anomaly, an isolated financial “blip” as unpredictable as a tsunami or lightening strike.

Although devastating for the millions of ordinary people around the world whose homes were lost and whose jobs and savings disappeared into thin air, the crisis itself was simply one of those extraordinary things: a cataclysm that escapes all rational thinking.

But what were the real origins of this crisis? And what are its ongoing implications for the future prosperity of us all???


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