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We LOVE these portraits of the “Faces of Occupy Wall Street“…. We’ve been to the Occupy Movement, and watched amazed at how regular people just like us, have found courage to stand up to the current system and let their voices be heard.

“I flew in from Chicago because I’ve been unhappy with the way the media has been treating this protest. This is not a circus and the coverage should be about more than entertainment.

I own my own business, employ people, and have to get the word out that this problem cuts across age groups, ethnic groups, and economic classes. We are ALL affected and need things to change. I came here to support this group and to spread the word!” ~ Paul

“I’m here to fight for more accountability and more money for America. You always hear the time is now to change. Now is distinctively different. Never before since the Great Depression have so many Americans been affected by the actions or the inaction of the United States Government. 

We need to Unite and be Strong, Loud and Angry just like the Civil Rights Movement. That’s the last time we had sweeping major change in this country. We now have the People Power to make this happen again!!!” ~ CJ Phillips

“I’m here to protest against the undue influence that corporate America has over our political process.” ~ Daryl

“The job of government is to execute the will of the people. I’m here because the system has been corrupted and the government now executes the will of corporations. When this happens it is the duty of the people to unite and demand change. If not now, when? If not me, who?” ~ Craig

“I’m here to end political corruption, injustice, and obscene inequality.” ~ Ben

“I’m here because none of the banking or Wall St. executives who crashed our economy have been brought to justice. We need to get corporate money and lobbyist influence OUT of our governments. Corporations are NOT people.” ~ Dominic

“I’m here because I disagree with the way the country is run. Money shouldn’t mean freedom. Food, shelter, and medical care are rights, not privileges. I am also here to provide medical care as a street medic.” ~ Sam

“I’m here to participate in conversations about how we are changing all that is broken in our society. To infuse higher consciousness into what we are doing.” ~ Steve

“I’m here to help bring on change.” ~ Anonymous


Source: August Bradley



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