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A Boy in China‘ is an amazing story of a 6yrs old boy from Phoenix, Arizona whose dreams of becoming a Kung-Fu master lead him to the birthplace of martial arts – the legendary Shaolin Temple in China.

His father must now face a heartbreaking decision and follow his son to China leaving the mother behind in America… (*A choice few parents could ever imagine). Meanwhile, Andre is undergoing long hours of tough training at the hands of the Shaolin monks that would make seasoned martial artists bow with respect.

Forward to 9yrs of age and Andre steps up his martial arts training in one giant leap when he is accepted into China‘s top Wushu School in Beijing. Known as the top gun of Chinese martial arts, this Wushu School produced the movie star Jet Li who became world champion while at the school.

However Andre quickly comes unstuck when he sees the extremely high calibre of his Chinese classmates!!…  2yrs at the Shaolin Temple could not prepare him for what he must now face – the supreme test of his endurance and perseverance to graduate from this elite martial arts school.

Make sure you catch this amazing film and get inspired!…


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  1. Auranics permalink
    06/02/2012 17:44

    This looks Awsome. I would love to watch the whole thing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 06/02/2012 18:17

    no way…what an incredible story…

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