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I loved the dichotomy in this photo of the monks waiting to cross the busy road before returning to the ancient Potola Palace in Lhasa (Tibet), once the home of the Dalai Lama.

This shot was taken near Siam Reap (Cambodia), after a day of visiting the Temples of Angkor. Just as the sun was setting, I noticed this silhouette of a child sitting in the water and jumped from the tuk tuk we were riding to get the shot.

The only English word these children in remote Nepal knew how to say was “money“. Sadly, we were told that giving them money only adds to the corruption, as just a few dollars would be more money than their families bring in. This only perpetuates the idea of remaining on the street to beg.

This man in Guatemala was a brilliant tree climbers and was able to climb 15-20 feet in near seconds.

This photo was taken on the border of Laos and Thailand.

Guatemala is a very small village on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. This village is without electricity and plumbing. Thankfully, Living Water International was able to provide this community with a well, giving them clean drinking water.

The Damnoen Saduak floating market in Rajburi (Thailand).

I was in Bangkok (Thailand) at the same time the 2007 political coup occurred. The military cancelled the upcoming elections, suspended the Constitution, dissolved Parliament, banned protests and all political activities, suppressed and censored the media, declared martial law, and arrested Cabinet members.

Lake AtitlanGuatemala is famous for its natural beauty and colorful Mayan villages.

Agriculture sustains over 75% of the people in Nepal.

Varanasi (India) is a holy city in Hinduism, and more than one million pilgrims visit the city each year. Hindus believe that bathing in the River Ganga will remit sins.

Taken in Myanmar-Burma.

Many of the families in this remote village in Guatemala walk several miles a day to gather water and food.


Source: Lee Steffen


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