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Xmas these days feels like the emotional equivalent of a shotgun wedding!… We slowly find ourselves being dragged kicking & screaming into the commercial drive as our credit card becomes bloated & a sparkling cheer sneaks past our defences and onto our faces!

However judging by these photos – next year, we think the whole team will spend winter time in Transylvania, and escape from the constant mainstream media gift propaganda!!… Whatever happened to just “making” presents??…

Anyway if you thinking of giving us a present – *psst, please make it an ‘Ipad’!! ;-)Lol





It looks like a great place to escape to, somewhere to just make our own presents, sit by the fire, sip cognac and be with our loved ones without the usual ‘commercial buzz’…. *what do you think?


Source: Jakabfi Ágota


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  1. Istvan Kovacs permalink
    23/12/2011 09:19

    I would recommend Transylvania’s first authentic heritage guesthouses to get the right atmosphere in winter: .They also do beartracking in the snow.

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