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Imagine being born into a world where you were automatically deemed an outcast, even before you’ve even taken your 1st breath. Imagine not being allowed to go to school?… Imagine not being allowed to be physically touched??…

A world where you and your family and future generations are constantly vulnerable to attacks or condemned to perform the most menial and degrading jobs.

If that sounds horrific to you, then welcome to the life of a DalitIndia‘s “Untouchable Class“.

They are the people born outside of the 4 caste Varna system of India. The world’s oldest surviving social hierarchy, which now determines the fate of approximately 250million people!! (a full 25% of Indian population), who are deemed as Dalit (The Untouchable).

They gave themselves the name Dalits (meaning ‘broken people‘), which in someway adequately describes the pain faced inside by anyone who has to live a life like that.

Dalits are continuously subjected to sickening atrocities and discrimination by other castes, whilst their nation looks away.

As a Dalit, they are not considered to be human, and instead considered to be something less than a human, more like a dog – *Can you even imagine being treated like that??

Caste rules hold that Dalit ‘pollute’ higher caste people with their presence alone – So if a higher caste touches a “Dalit (Untouchable)“, or even comes within a Dalit‘s shadow, they have to undergo a rigorous series of cleansing rituals.

The Indian Constitution guarantees fundamental rights and freedom for all Indians. However. the Dalit are still systematically abused.

Dalit are poor, deprived and kept socially backward. They are systematically denied their basic human rights resulting in a lack of healthcare, food and access to the good education needed to empower them to economic opportunity. This results in them being kept in perpetual bondage to the upper castes.

Imagine how many potential scientists, doctors, lawyers, artists/etc – the world has lost and will never discover only because of the economic apartheid practised against the Dalits.

We truly believe that life as a human should be enjoyed without persecution or discrimination. The more we all become aware of situations like those affecting the Dalit – the more we can all make difference!!



CLICK HERE to support the Dalits! – This travesty needs to end!!!


Photos via: Flickr



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