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Freeride-Skiing is an extreme sport that combines the love of skiing with off-the-beaten path adventures…

Freeriders are not restricted to the runs laid out and groomed by the ski resort for the general public.

The whole mountain is their playground.



Freeriders range from laid-back types who want to cruise powder linking short turns to veritable snow-surfers laying down wide curves and playing with the terrain to extreme big mountain skiers, hucking rock bands and tackling gnarly couloirs.



The image is very important in this growing practice for 15years.



Skiing is the pretext for the discovery of their adventures.



These photographs try to recreate the lives of these riders with or without their skis, to help bring a sense of their adventures to you.



Location of the slopes is in Bovec (Slovenia).


Source: Pierre Morel


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  1. Noel Tendick permalink
    01/12/2011 16:31

    Fantastic shots of great spirit – the wide open wild is well-conveyed. Nicely done!


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