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One criminal out of thousands who stole from the Russian public trough….

Khodorkovsky is the story of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Russian billionaire oil tycoon (former head of Yukos), who found himself on the wrong side of the Kremlin, after seriously pissing off Vladimir Putin.

Khodorkovsky, once known as the richest man in Russia, will now sit in a jail cell until 2016 (*ouch!) due to two separate convictions his backers say are trumped-up charges stemming from a political dispute with Putin.

This insightful documentary has got all Muscovites talking, with its mix of criminal espionage, political intrigue and endless controversy!

A former communist party member, Khodorkovsky rose from lowly beginnings to become the owner of one of the privatized oil companies after the fall of the U.S.S.R. He turned against Putin by funding opposition parties. Shortly afterwards he was arrested on charges of fraud, and remains imprisoned in the justice system.

Every child who was in this court saw that the whole thing was a theatre.Cyril Tuschithe

So are Russian agents behind this??…  Are these charges concocted just for revenge??… Did Khodorkovsky recieve a fair trial??…

Watch the intriguing trailer after the jump… and make sure you catch this film!


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