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Renegades is a landmark exhibition by Frank Marshall, representing a decisive outcropping of a Heavy Metal subculture in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Marshall‘s portraits offer a tentative and considered vision of this subculture in Botswana; historically adverse in reaction to the occidental genre, making Marshall‘s subjects somewhat of an anomaly.


In this way, Marshall aptly dubs his subjects Renegades, tentatively situating himself as a mediator chronicling “visions” of rebellious individuals who form part of an ulterior, emergent rootedness where traditional identities and political histories in Botswana are subverted.


Heavy Metal audiences have traditionally been Caucasian, Patriarchal, and Eurocentric, making Marshall‘s portraits parodies of heavy metal lore envisaging the multiple polarities of the subculture’s social strata.


Renegades is thus a sociological case study of an underground minority rebelling against the status quo, redrawing the borders of both Heavy Metal and orthodox culture in Botswana.


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