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As each day passes, being homosexual in Uganda is proving to be more life threatening.

Laws to propose the death penalty for Gays and Lesbians may have been shelved but how long will this remain the case?!?…

Frank Mugisha is gay and forced to drive through back roads in order to escape from angry mobs.

“They want to use the law to silence us”.

He, like many others, is a victim of Ugandas age-old attitude to homosexuality.

Homosexuality is a habit that is gradually learned, that can become an addiction, just like drugs.” says Pastor Moses Male.

The Pastor is one of the many powerful voices in this deeply Christian country who say they want to “cure” Gays and Lesbians and end the ‘Western homosexual juggernaut‘ threatening their nation.

It shocks us to see this level of sickening ignorance and arrogance still being a hurdle for global civil rights in the 21st century. We feel sad whenever we see sexuality, race, gender, age or disability still being used as a petty excuse to victimize, bully and divide mankind.

Watch this powerful and shocking documentary from above!…


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