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Bullfighting is a barbaric sport… but there’s something about the bravery of a Matador that seem almost otherworldly.

Photographer Jeff Martin recently captured the essence of a Matador, in a series of beautiful portraits taken in and around Madrid, Spain.



They instantly evoke a sense of culture, bravery and history.



Matadors show that men can carry great style, elegance, strength and skill all wrapped up in a lethal combination!


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  1. dido permalink
    06/03/2012 09:02

    You should delete: bravery, culture, sport, strength and style from tags!
    Add instead: killing animals for fun!

  2. 08/03/2012 00:11

    @Dido – Thanks for the feedback! – You’ve made some good points, so we amended our tags by deletimg ‘bravery’ and ‘strength’.
    However, bullfighting is still seen as a ‘culture’ and ‘sport’ – ‘style’ only refers to the Matador’s uniform.

    We agree with you that “Bullfighting” is wrong and does not need to be praticised in these modern times of ours… (*Our post above is not about ‘bullfighting’ or the glorification of it – it is rather specifically about the ‘Matadors’) – We were interested in looking at the young people who choose this path in life – We are trying to gain insight into their world without ‘judgements’… seeing a snapshot of their personal story – *the truth within their eyes).

    “Bullfighting” is an inhumane treatment of animals – and although we understand how a sport like bullfighting would have been exciting & relevant for our forefathers – We find it hard to understand its place in this new modern world of ours, where we have countless ways of being enertained from TV, cinema to web/etc.

    (“Bullfighting” is the equivalent of continuing “Human Gladiator Sports” in this modern era… and if we can ban that sport and move on from those times – *We can definitely do so in this same situation).


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