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If you have seen Fela! – The Broadway Musical, you probably aware that Fela Kuti, the creator of Afrobeat, married 27 wives!…

On 18 February 1978 he married the entire female entourage of his band in a ceremony conducted by a Yoruba priest.

There are many sides to the group marriage, besides the sensational ones, but it would need an essay to explain them.

The group marriage lasted until Fela’s release from prison in 1985.

Stating that he no longer believed in marriage, he divorced the 12 wives that were still with him. Many, however, remained part of his entourage until his death.

Photographer Bernard Matussière from France took the portraits shown above of Fela’s “Queens“, as they were often called, in 1983.

We hope you find inspiration in their colorful high fashion & vibrant energy!!



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