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A gymnast and her coach argue about why she can’t perform her routine to pop music, rather than classical. A paramedic wheels a car-crash victim into hospital, guessing who her favourite movie star might be. A nurse reads the contents page of a celebrity magazine to a blind woman, who indicates she would like to hear what a day in the life of Winona Ryder is like.

This eagerly awaited follow up to the award winning, Oscar-nominated Dogtooth, the latest feature from Yorgos Lanthimos intrigues in the curiously unsettling way its predecessor did, even before these characters come together.

The paramedic, the nurse, the coach and the gymnast form Alps, a small clique who each adopt the name of one of the mountains in the region and offer their services as substitutes for the late loved ones of the grieving. The leader is paramedic Mont Blanc, and the others find it hard to live by his strict manifesto.

The combination of pitch-black humour with shocking moments is quickly becoming a trademark for Lanthimos, and Alps delivers both while confirming its director as one of the most provocative, inventive and exciting emerging talents of world cinema!

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