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Cage fighting in the UK has seen a steady increase in popularly over the past 3years, with a proliferation of new clubs opening throughout the country, and more and more fans drawn in by its ferocious, almost brutal contests.

Originally from the States, it’s essentially a mixture of martial arts, boxing, kickboxing and wrestling.


The only moves not allowed are biting, head-butting, eye gouging and attacks to the groin area.

The best cage fighters come from Russia, America and Brazil.

In Japan, where the sport is also immensely popular, fighters can earn vast sums of money for championship fights, and some have become household names.

Japanese school children, some Cage fighters now achieve a degree of popularity rivaling that of traditional sports stars.

Furthermore, Sumo wrestling, once dominant in Japan,  is now seeing its position eroded by this new and violent sporting interloper from the west.

Championship contests in Tokyo, regularly attract crowds of up 50,000, and when TV and other media outlets are factored in as well; you really do begin to get a sense of the sport’s popularity.

The cage is designed with high-ridged netting, surrounding an octagonal canvas area.

What the sport lacks finesse, it definitely makes up for it as a spectacle.


Source: John Ferguson


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