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In the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Thai boxing is more likely than capoeira. Globalization and affinities: the martial art invented by Thai peasants and warriors echoes in the heart of Rio’s favelas youth. Not only as a way to distract or to defend themselves, but for some of them, the hope of one day becoming professional.

Buiu, also known as Barbie Boy because of his habit of fighting wearing pink, meditates after his training day.

Class of intensive stretching in Rocinha slum.

Bruno gets concentrated on his sequence of moves.

Tucano (Toucan), a red band pupil who has more than five fights on his CV. Rocinha slum.

Juliana, one of the graduate pupils.

The pupil Buiu and his master, teacher Diego Buchecha, during a class of intensive stretching.

Rammon and Buiu getting ready for a fight in a special training, under the rain

Buiu and Rammon getting ready for a fight in a special training. The series ends with a front kick.

Buiu, Muay Thai fighter, in the Rocinha favela.


Source: Agencia Olhares


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