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Check out this beautiful photographic study that follows a group of teenagers in the Favela of Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro.

From the “discoveries” of porn to the emotion of “first kisses”… Daniel Martins 24, a photographer who was born and grew up in the Rocinha Favela, charts the life of his friends and shares their vibrant and inspiring stories with us.

Walmir reading a porn magazine.

Walmir & his cousin Andre reading a porn magazine.

Leonardo, 17yrs old student, playing guitar at home…”sex & rock’n’roll”…Favela Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro.

Teenage Chronicles - Rocinha

Ivan and Jeferson playing videogame in a bar of Favela Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro.

Marcos, Walmir and Romario chattering on N°2 street in Favela Rocinha.

Vanessa, 15, on the top of “No Limite” building, in the Favela Rocinha.

Rafael and Marcia, a young couple from the Favela Rocinha, celebrate their first anniversary of marriage.

São Conrado’s beach in Rio de Janeiro, on a summertime afternoon, Phillipe is catching a wave.

Vanessa and Felipe on a summer day, on São Conrado’s beach, south zone of Rio de Janeiro.

End of day, after the rain, on N°2 street in Rocinha, one of the largest favelas in Rio de Janeiro and Latin America.


Source: Agencia Olhares


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