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From the islands off the West Coast of Africa comes the artist Billboard Magazine describes as:

combining earthiness with glamour and roots-deep house music knowledge with pop wise diversity

Anané, the singer, songwriter, producer and DJ follows up the 2006 Japanese release of her début album “Ananeselections” with “Ananesworld”, a mixture of dance, reggae, rock, R&B soul, world and Caribbean influences.

Music has been in Anané’s blood since growing up in the Cape Verdean capital of Santiago.

My aunts and uncles were known as the Xalinos and they made most of the musical instruments on the island, such as guitars, violins, and the uncommon Cavaqinho, a small four-string guitar –  she said about her musical lineage.

Anané discovered her talent for singing during family gatherings called “serenades” where people would play guitars and percussion instruments and sing a “morna”, a melancholic but beautiful ode to past times spent on the islands.

Anané eventually decided to bring her talents to New York City where, armed with nothing more than a bag full of clothes and a heart full of dreams, she immersed herself in the city’s club culture. She met DJ/Producer Louie Vega, who tapped her as an integral member of theElements of Life Collective.

Anané now looks ready to strike out on her own with her fantastic début single called ‘Plastic People‘. It looks like a new megastar has been born!!!

Check it out after the jump!…


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