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Once again… It’s that time of the year when Hollywood the world goes “superhero” crazy and we think of nothing being more pleasurable than watching films or going to events where grown men run around in latex tights with their underwear on the outside.

We stifle grins when these men quote pseudo-pschyo babble lines about finding inner strength, or yell crap cliché driven morality at us.

We ‘nerd-out’ on the fake scientific explanations about radioactive spiders/accidents/etc…  whilst swallowing each preposterous storyline  that we know will soon be forgotten the moment we leave the cinema/event.



What we all really want is for the people we love to think of us as being “super” and for us to also get the keys to that awesome flying car/plane that we saw our heroes drive in the film.



Heck, all we want is the ability to fly or even xray through the clothing of that hot girl/boy sitting next to us!



Nothing brings us a sense of superheroism more that the annual events of ‘Wonder-Con‘ & ‘Comic-Con‘, a USA based events which allows all attendees to come dressed up as their favorite superhero/supervillain.



Enjoy the beautiful photos from this year’s events!


Source: Flickr  & Acid Cow


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