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Not just a band or an album, The Bullits is an “audio project” from the UK, which has recently been gathering a lot of positive attention. The concept for the album centres around a mysterious plot led by a fictional character called: ‘Amelia Sparks‘, masterminded by producer Jeymes Samuel.

Amelia Sparks’ story is told through a series of videos and audio by an amazing raft of guest vocalists and performers including Jay-Z-approved American rapper Jay Electronica, Charlie’s Angels’ Hollywood star Lucy Liu, and star of The Wire, Idris Elba who all lend their textured vocals and acting skills to this amazing project!

The Bullits just released a new single called “Landspeeder” – and it was premiered a couple of days ago on Zane Lowe’s popular BBC Radio segment called: The Hottest Record In The World.

So is this song really the hottest song on earth right now?!?…. Check it out after the jump & let us know what you think!!!…


The Bullits also released an intro single/audio-movie called “Close Your Eyes” which caught some serious buzz a few months back. Check out a live session of the song below:


Their forthcoming début album They Die By Dawn & Other Stories is set to drop very soon, and will feature guest appearances from Mos Def and Tori Amos.



Source: Couch Sessions



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