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In August 2006, due to health problems, Fidel Castro gave up power in favor of his brother Raul. For the first time after 48 straight years (*gasp!) as leader of the country, the Lider Maximo was forced to stand down.

A new opportunity to change seems to be arising for Cuba as it had already happened after the European socialist bloc collapse that rocked the boat and resulted in an international historic change.

But once again the Cuban management seems unresponsive to the arising opportunity.


After the announcements done during the first 6 months and the expectations created, Raul’s government vanished the possibilities for renovation with a series of law measures that were intended to slow down the coming of a new future that everyone now demands.


An extraordinary example is the exclusion of two ministers, Perez Roque and Lage, both oriented to a pluralist approach and politics. Once again all expectations are betrayed leaving the country still.


It is this “everyday same old thing” that all Cubans gave up to.


These photographic images are an attempt to tell this surreal and “dreaming” state that embraces the whole island’s life.

People lives hanging in a frozen world: the perception of the everyday life is like a dilated universe made of an external awaiting during which nothing happens and an end is not even imagined.


Everywhere a sense of weariness is felt and the same has frazzle everyone’s conscience blurring even the deepest joys of life and the ability to fight which is part of the identity of this people.

The scope of this photographic study is to accompany the Cuban in this long political transition until a more stable social and economic state is reached.

May Cuba soon find FREEDOM!!!!….


Source: Agencia Olhares


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