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Board sports define the tough, trendy, wild young kids who dice with death as they wow and surprise. Yet there’s another side to the ‘too cool for school‘ boarding frenzy.

It’s about autistic children taking to surf boards, skateboards bringing sport and a life to a guy with no legs, underprivileged kids strapped to snow boards, kids from the ghetto finding a new lease of life and confidence riding a big wave.

Boardheads is the slick and surprising story of an international community of adrenaline junkies who find a spiritual home on a board and want to ‘share the stoke‘ with those who need it most.

This uplifting and powerful documentary brings to life a phenomenon spreading rapidly around the globe, offering hope and confidence to many who otherwise would be solidly fixed to terra firma.

This is a documentary that fills us hope for a better world.


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