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Second only to Julian Assange

Bradley Manning is the most important figure in the Wikileaks controversy; he is alleged to have handed over hundreds of thousands of secret US war files and diplomatic cables. But, while the world watches Assange‘s trial with bated breath, Manning is ALREADY wasting away in solitary confinement; this is the story of his daring intelligence heist.

Manning, a US army private, claims that he released the cables because, “I was actively involved in something I was completely against.” That is according to the Internet chat room logs that are the basis for his imprisonment.

Manning’s exact relationship with Wikileaks remains unclear and the source that uncovered him to the US government has been called into question. That source is Adrian Lamo.

In an extraordinary interview he reveals how he came to know Bradley Manning, claiming the young soldier openly confessed to him his role in the WikiLeaks scandal. Yet one of Lamo‘s old friends Kevin Mitnick is suspicious of his evidence and his motives, “I call into question the authenticity of the chat logs, because I know his (Lamo) personality.”

Meanwhile Bradley Manning is wasting away in jail. David House is one of the few civilians allowed to visit him. He describes the young soldier’s mental deterioration and his struggle to deal with long hours of confinement,

“…the US Government is just trying to put immense pressure on him in order to get him to crack open”.

Manning faces the DEATH PENALTY... For what?!?Where is the proof?!?… Please CLICK HERE to lend your support!!… and watch this important documentary below:



“All this fame, and all this hype about Wikileaks and Julian, and Julian‘s problems in Sweden. I mean what are these problems in Sweden compared to the trouble that this Private is in??

I mean this person who potentially is, I think one of the biggest heroes for ‘Freedom of Information‘ in our time.”Daniel Domscheit-Berg


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