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.This world exclusive from Journeyman, filmed last Friday, reveals the man behind Wikileaks, the dangers and uncertainties awaiting him in the future and his steadfast belief in the justice of his cause.

Assange talks starkly of his “powerful enemies” who attack him because they “cannot get an attack on the content“.

He reveals his thoughts on his home-country who want to “give the United States everything it wants”, including the “serious threat” of extradition if the Americans requested it.

He talks of his “extreme gratification” that the flow of free information instigated by Wikileaks has impacted on the upheaval in Tunisia, which some label the Wikileaks revolution.

He promises that Wikileaks has more to share with the world and will be sharing it soon. This explosive documentary shows unprecedented access to Assange!!

Check it out above!!!…


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