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Hip-hop’s spectacular global, poetic, intellectual, spiritual, political earth mama!!…Akua Naru

Born Latanya Hinton and raised in New Haven (USA), Akua Naru‘s journey to internationally acclaimed hip hop artist has led her from the city’s Newhallville section to Cologne, Germany where she currently resides and creates music.

‘‘I have written, sung, and performed since I can remember having my first thoughts. I have never discovered the music; the music and rhyme discovered me.”Akua Naru

Along this female wordsmith’s journey, there have been many stops – Philadelphia, China and Ghana, among others – all of which informed the wisdom and perspective which is evident in her music.

Akua Naru’s album The Journey A Flame‘ has a rare depth, warmth, and honesty that has garnered enormous international approval. With this album, Naru reveals that her journey has not only been aflame: it has just begun!

This female MC will have you throwing that Nicki Minaj album into the bin!!

Check it out after the  jump!…



Source: African Hip-Hop


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