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In Guinea Bissau, drug trafficking is worth 200% of the national income!!…

There is no electricity, clinics, prisons and the country suffers limited water supply. The police resources to combat the drug traffickers is ancient (*yes, typewriter not computers!)… and the corruption goes all the way to the top, yet a few brave souls still fight on to bring justice and restore the good name of this country.

Check out after the jump, this excellent documentary from Unreported World, which takes us a journey beginning with a sank boat off the coast of Guinea Bissau, that washed up to shore hundreds of packets of cocaine bags belonging to South American drug barons who use this poor country as a stopover on route to Europe.

The results of this find opened up a huge can of worms which the country still struggles with today.Addiction, massive influxes of wealth, political and police corruption are all just a small symptom of the problems facing regular life in Guinea Bissau.

Watch this insightful documentary above!!…


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